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About ASC Activate Allyship Learning Series

If you are interested in bringing the Activate Allyship Learning Series to your AmeriCorps Program, reach out to us!

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Allyship Foundations

This course will explore foundational concepts of race and its treatment in the United States. Through interactive exercises and group conversation, we will introduce key concepts that are foundational to an understanding of race, racism, and the practice of allyship. Learn the values underlying racial equity and expand your perspective on how your national service assignment can be an excellent way to join the work of racial equity. 

Exploring Identity through Storytelling

Who do you say you are? Understanding social and cultural identity is an important tool in the practice of allyship. This course uses storytelling as an exploratory tool for understanding the creation and treatment of racial identity in United States culture. Learn how our own lived experiences often form the basis for how we perceive the world and interact with others. In this course, we will explore how our experiences interact with our biases and develop strategies to activate empathy in working with others.

Understanding Structural Inequity

This course takes an in depth journey into the theories and perspectives that help us understand how inequities can manifest in organizations, institutions, and larger social systems. We will look beyond individual prejudice to expand our perspective around root causes and long term effects of oppression, exclusion, and marginalization in racial identity groups. This interactive experience will help us understand how we might use our national service placement to create positive change even though we may not be individually responsible for some of society's inequities. This course is best for you if you have had at least one diversity or racial equity learning experience, understand the basic foundations around the ideas of race and equity, and are looking to explore a particular topic with more depth.

Activate Allyship: Ally, Advocate, Accomplice

Explore the ways you can activate practical skills that promote equity and justice in your national service and beyond. Learn the many different roles and behaviors associated with allyship, practice responding to tough situations, and develop a personal action plan for how you can show up and be a part of positive change. 

Each course can be modified to meet the specific needs of your program. If you are interested in bringing the Activate Allyship Learning Series to your AmeriCorps Program, reach out to us!

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